Vieques Accommodation Specials

EvaMer consists of 4 private villas and 2 studios on nearly an acre of land wth breathtaking views of the Caribbean, adjacent islands, and of the town, Isabel Segunda, across the bay.  The rooms are beautifully furnished and accented with italian marble and an array of local art and crafts.

So take a look at all the rooms by clicking on each of their names and choose the one that best suits your vacation needs.

MiraMar - MiraSol - Mira Coco
El Cottage
- MiraFlor - MiraLuna

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EvaMer strives to be an environmentally friendly place to stay.  So please help us do our part by turning off the A/C’s when not needed or flipping off the lights when not around.  We also encourage our guests to reuse their towels if only used once or twice to cut down on the amount of water consumed.

Vieques is a unique island and we would like to do what we can to help in the communities efforts to make the island aware of our scarce resources. Our island has a funny way to let us know how much we depend on the simplest of amenities i.e. water and electricity.  It’s not an easy task to get water and electricity to an island...

Speaking of the islands resources, let's get to the ones you're looking forward to experiencing....

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