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Create your own wedding with EvaMer in mind. Let picturesque views and stunning lush landscape be the backdrop for your wedding. The facilities at EvaMer have been transformed with your wedding in mind.

A beautiful bar with restaurant quality sink and lighting sits on the water's edge of the property overlooking the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Step up and order your drinks from our six-foot custom cement bar and storage area for a full bar.

With a drink in hand, admire the coastline view from our patio area, which is also used as a dance floor for our larger parties. The adjacent gazebo is great for food display or a musician / DJ stand. The outdoor patio overlooking the ocean is an excellent perch to pass the evening and enjoy each other's company.

The concrete staging area is a dry location for the shade tent in case of precipitation. The dining area is most commonly set up between the palms or the concrete staging area. Smaller weddings can be arranged on the patio between the pool and bar and then cleared for dancing and mingling.

The largest party we can accommodate at Evamer Villas is from 65-75 people.

Keep in mind that if you are having a larger wedding here at EvaMer, the best option is for your guests to be taxied to our property for parking purposes. A list of taxi drivers can be provided upon request.

If you have any special requests, please email us and we'll gladly give you a hand. EvaMer is truly a majestic place to get together your family and friends for a special occasion.

EvaMer's Site Measurements:

  • Oceanfront Bar = 13' x 4'
  • Oceanfront Pool and Bar Patio = 30' x 13'
  • Gazebo = 14' x 14'
  • Palms Grove* = 40' x 3'
  • Overlook Patio = 9' x 9'
  • Concrete Area = 50' x 20'

*Eight lush palm trees on one side and five on the other. Ready to be lit up for any occasion.

Wedding Planner


  • Evita Bolivar - Bilí Restaurant
  • Baby - Tropical Baby Restaurant 787-608-4261
  • Rick and Honor - Touchstone

Wedding Cakes

  • Lauren Lebhar - Lola Magnolia
  • Side Street Bakery - 787-741-7823

Tables, chairs, tents, tarps

  • Maritza's Rental - 939-630-0991

Wedding Photographers


  • Nancy Carr


  • Leslie Mason - 413-237-9696
    Home 787-741-3373
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