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The beaches of Vieques are by far some of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. They are unspoiled and hardly touched by human hands. The beaches are best for the courageous adventurer; due to the fact there are no food or beverage vendors, bathrooms, or paved roads. Be sure to pack a cooler with lunch, drinks, and plenty of sunscreen so your beach day is completely satisfying. Just a word to the wise, please use caution to not leave valuables in your car.

Public Beaches

Sun Bay Beach / Sombe– This is one of the longest stretches of beach on Vieques. About a mile long this beach is lined with palm trees and is easily accessible compared to some of the other beaches. You'll know what we mean when you get here.. Sun Bay is one of the most shade friendly of the public beaches. A great place to throw up a hammock- this is considered a sport in Vieques and is quite easy to master. This beach also has a few spots with picnic tables, and is usually one of the more crowded beaches, if you call 40 or 50 people crowded..

Media Luna – Is one of the most tranquil of all the beaches on the island. The name says it all, it is shaped like a half moon, with fine white sand, calm crystal clear blue water, and is lined with huge palm trees and gazebos, great for getting out of the sun or having a bite to eat.    Could be somewhat crowded on weekends.

Navío Beach – One of our favorite beaches on the island. Navío is usually one of the waviest beaches you can visit besides knowing some of the local surf spots (not easily given up). Great for a little one to learn how to boogie board or even to do some body surfing. Since this is the most secluded of the public beaches it is usually empty. So pull up some sand and enjoy the day..

Camp Garcia

Red Beach / Playa Caracas – Perhaps the most popular beach on the camp base. Red Beach is a small crescent shaped beach with white powder sand, crystal clear water and is very calm. One of the reasons it is so popular is that there are several gazebos located right on the beach. The gazebos are very simple and each has its own picnic table and the rest is up to you.

Garcia Beach – The lesser known of the major beaches on the base is one of the best. Garcia offers no bungalows (so bring your sunscreen) but what it lacks in shade makes up for in tranquility. At the risk of sounding repetitive the sand is like cake mix and the views are great, there is a bit more surf here. Garcia Beach is usually empty, even during peak season.

Blue Beach / Bahía de la Chiva – It is a long gorgeous stretch of white sand, blue water slice of heaven. It is often sparsely populated due to its vastness. It has great snorkeling around the little island just of the coast. It is worth mentioning that there are many unnamed beaches on the base. Basically when you see a dirt road off into the woods, take it and you just might discover a little half moon, white sand beach you can call your own.

Secret Beach / Playa Escondido - Personally this is our favorite beach, not only because it is one of the most beautiful, but because usually there is nobody there.  Between a quarter and a half mile of beach, all yours. There are no facilities. Just beauty.


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